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#3745: Change BP Group Forum and Member slugs-name like bp docs can
 Reporter:  johnnymestizo   |       Owner:  lookingahead
     Type:  task            |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  lowest          |   Milestone:  Awaiting Contributions
Component:  Forums          |     Version:
 Severity:  normal          |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  trac-tidy-2018  |
Changes (by lookingahead):

 * type:  enhancement => task
 * severity:  trivial => normal


 Yw for the pizza.

 Yes -- pizza is lyfe.

 As to your attempt to be 'funny' on Twatter, and to say I told you that it
 was 'easy' and I demanded that it be done 'quick' or something of the
 sort, dear God.

 I suggest you go back through my comment to you and see where I stated it
 was 'easy' and demanded it be done right away. You won't be able to find
 such a thing -- because that's your emotional impression of it. I never
 said what you do is either easy nor did I demand an immediate resolution
 of this issue.

 Your troll-y response was an admirable attempt, but it fell short of
 actual comedy.

 As to the remarkable ability of everyone on the interwebs to talk about
 these ridiculous things -- hey, guess what? I got you to pay attention to
 an actual need, something that you as lead developer and others have
 ignored for years. YEARS.

 Do you realize this was 'abandoned' so to speak...because you and others
 thought it was irrelevant?

 It's not 'irrelevant' or whatever else you choose to view it as. But it
 was shoved aside and ignored. Meanwhile, although it does not keep the
 whole project from functioning, it is a hindrance to thousands of
 websites, even millions, that need this issue to be resolved.

 To then close this ticket on a false premise (that it wasn't needed or
 important) and then put the onus on others to 'step up and contribute' or
 whatever is not only non-productive, it diminishes the needs of the
 community. It's an off-handed way to say, 'well, we weren't willing to
 solve it...it's not *our* problem!' when it most assuredly is. It's your
 responsibility, not ours.

 Harsh? Cold? Possibly, to state it that way.

 I'm aware it is not 'easy' to fix something like this. I am also aware
 that it is not something that would ever be done in a day. For you to
 paint myself and anyone else as demanding, or...hell, 'delusional' is a
 broad brush, dipped in ignorance at best.

 Which of course sums up nicely the attitude upon which this ticket was
 originally set aside, ignored for years and eventually closed.

 I hold no illusions that you and I will ever sit down together and share a
 pizza. But I will say this: if you trumpet 'community' and 'working
 together' and 'respect' so often, when someone in that same community
 comes to you, opens a ticket...and then you ignore their needs for years
 -- then close it with on the note of, 'well, fixing our product is not OUR
 responsibility -- it's YOURS!' -- don't be surprised when others take that
 as disrespecting them. Because that's exactly what you did. That was a,
 well...it really was a giant middle finger to the community to put it all
 on us to fix. It's your product; we asked you nicely to fix it, and you
 didn't. For years. And insulted the entire community when you closed it.

 The jokes about pizza, though, were nice.

 Oh wait, those were my jokes.

 Edit: the joke I got to make about pizza was nice.

 Takeaway (not the pizza kind): if you want to be treated with respect,
 then treat others with respect. If you want people to respect your time
 don't waste theirs.

 Thanks again for the notoriety.

 P.S.: so, where DID that $51,500 bucks go towards, that you raised on
 IndieGoGo...that was supposed to go towards all that developin'...? Lots
 of Starbucks mocha soy lattes, I assume?

 And how much of that $51,500 do I get for like, you know, owning this
 task? Do I get paid in pizza?

 P.P.S.: awww, maaan -- that ticket title was like, epic and stuff, too bad
 you changed it. So sad.

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