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#3745: Change BP Group Forum and Member slugs-name like bp docs can
 Reporter:  johnnymestizo                        |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect (bug)                         |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  high                                 |   Milestone:  Up Next
Component:  Forums                               |     Version:  3.0.0
 Severity:  major                                |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  trac-tidy-2018 needs-design needs-   |
  patch                                          |
Changes (by lookingahead):

 * status:  closed => reopened
 * severity:  normal => major
 * type:  enhancement => defect (bug)
 * component:  Groups => Forums
 * priority:  normal => high
 * version:   => 3.0.0
 * milestone:   => Up Next
 * keywords:  trac-tidy-2018 => trac-tidy-2018 needs-design needs-patch
 * resolution:  not now, maybe later =>


 Are you people serious -- you think this is a 'non-issue' for

 It took me a ton of searching to find this request here....it's buried

 NOTE: I kept searching and searching BECAUSE IT IS A TRUE NEED.

 For those of us developing sites that are not in english, the URL (the
 'slug') needing to be customized is paramount. Even for those of us that
 are not converting a site to a non-english site, and need words in the
 URL/slug to match the words in the site itself need to have URLs

 And LOL you want us to commit to 'contribute' to this effort? Are you
 kidding me? If I could solve it on my own, WHY WOULD I ASK YOU TO FIX IT?!
 I, like many others, am NOT a developer -- that's what you do, not what we

 How in the world would you even state that it's up to us to, lol,
 'contribute' to fix this with a straight face? This is a program made for
 low-/no-tech newbies to customize. I hate to fume and bang on about
 this...but seeing you say, 'Please consider that time has proven that good
 ideas without contributions do not get built' is about the most ignorant,
 arrogant thing I could have come across today.

 I mean....FFS. Did an entire internet community 'contribute' to build
 BuddyPress in the first place? Are n00bs all developers now, magically
 acquiring the "ability to contribute" to the very creation of BuddyPress?
 No, the answer is...no. It has always been a developer initiative to make
 these things, and it is always the responsibility of the developer to fix
 the things they created.

 So stop trying to say it's something 'we' -- as the non-techie community
 -- need to 'contribute' to solve. No, no we do not.

 You need to solve it, because you created the program and also,
 well...you, unlike us, have the technical skills to solve it.

 Do you think that this ticket would be open in the first place if the
 'community' could 'contribute' (SOLVE) it on their own...?

 Okay, enough ranting. But seriously -- that was beyond ignorant to read.
 If you want to close a ticket, just close it. Lame excuses like that one
 help nobody.

 And in this case, it needs to be reopened. Without any requirement that
 we, the non-techies that did not create this thing, would ever need to
 'contribute' to the issue to solve it.

 Please just solve it.


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