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#7855: Privacy: Suggested privacy policy text
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 [attachment:7855.diff] is a first pass at implementation. There are really
 a couple things to discuss here: implementation and content. See `/wp-

 First, regarding implementation, I've pretty much borrowed from WP. I
 stuck everything in the `BP_Admin` class. Theoretically, we could have
 different components register their own text, but this is liable to get
 complex, so I went with the simplest possible approach for the time being.

 Second, regarding content. Much/most of the WP default content applies
 directly to us. I've only added what's BP specific. And I've focused on
 *personal data* and *cookies*, which I see as the two categories of
 content named in GDPR that are specific to BP (above and beyond retention
 and other policies that are not specific to BP).

 For personal data, I broke out XProfile, Messages, and Activity - the
 three areas where we keep arguably personal data, which is subject to
 various visibility/privacy settings. (Groups and friends are more like
 relationships and don't really have content.) Suggestions regarding
 language, or anything I've left out, are quite welcome.

 For cookies, I just searched the codebase and described all the places
 where we set cookies. The text, as it stands, describes our *actual* use
 of cookies. IMO we should change some of this behavior as part of the
 privacy push - I will open a new ticket momentarily - and if we change
 cookie behavior, we should change this text.

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