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Thu Mar 29 17:27:39 UTC 2018

#7436: Very slow check_is_friend function
 Reporter:  januzi_pl                      |       Owner:  David Cavins
     Type:  defect (bug)                   |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  high                           |   Milestone:  3.0
Component:  Friends                        |     Version:  2.7
 Severity:  major                          |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  dev-feedback has-patch commit  |

Comment (by David Cavins):

 Hi @r-a-y-

 Thanks for catching these inconsistencies. I thought more of the status
 change functions passed through `save()` than actually do.

 Every time I work with the class `BP_Friends_Friendship` my brain goes
 fuzzy because of the sheer number of status change functions.

 Would anyone be horribly upset if we (I?) rewrite the database interaction
 pieces of that class to be more centralized?

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