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#7716: BP-Nouveau: Remove tooltip from Friends > Requests buttons
 Reporter:  mercime                    |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect (bug)               |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                     |   Milestone:  3.0
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 Severity:  normal                     |  Resolution:
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Comment (by mercime):

 Replying to [comment:9 hnla]:
 > @mercime Checking over ... do we not also need to remove the class 'bp-
 tooltip' from the $button array args?
 > Although on the question of tooltips and icons I remember this is why I
 had originally added the 'icon' arg to allow switching between text/icons
 via the function call, not a simple implementation though as it needed to
 be tied into Customizer ideally and a new set of modular styles, and I got
 massively pulled in diff directions so couldn't follow it through
 properly, I'll try and add this as a future enhancement ticket.

 Remove .bp-tooltip and data-bp-tooltip - Done.

 > On the styles realise this user  friends 'requests' screen is one that
 has escaped detailed styling thus far and needs attention.
 > In principle agree with those screenies, with some provisos:
 > * With positioning I'm trying to avoid using pos:abs  where possible the
 principle we can follow is moving elements as blocks using either floats
 and sibling elements overflow hidden to clear floated sibling or flexbox
 to grid the wrapping element. Therefore blocks .item & .friends-
 meta.action could be floated left and overflow: hidden respectively with
 suitable widths for wide screen or flexboxed for avatar .item & meta block
 as a row.

 Use flexbox - Done.

 > * Something I should have spotted but feel a little bothered by; the
 class `'fiends-list'` is not very descriptive of this screen for the UL.
 Think it would be better if we added or changed  to `'friends-requests-
 list'` and used that as a top level parent class -? Principle of a generic
 class is sound though i.e 'friends-list' however on the other tab
 'friends' we have got `'members-friends-list'` and no `'friends-list' so
 really these classes need to be better. At this moment I don't think
 `'friends-list' is used so we could change it to `'friends-request-list'`

 Use .friends-request-list - Added and done.

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