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#7731: BP Nouveau: Messages UI issues
 Reporter:  mercime       |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
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 1) Other than for bulk selection, what is the checkbox for in each Message
 list? There's no button to do something after you check one for a message
 row. Also, NVDA screen reader or ChromeVox or Narrator only announces
 "Select this message", but for what message? And even if we append the
 title of the Message to "Select this message", then clicking on it,
 there's nothing actionable after the checkbox which relates specifically
 to the Message.

 2) Keyboard & Screen Reader users cannot open a Message to view the whole
 conversation and respond to the message.

 A mouse click and a tap on a touch screen (phone) seemed to do nothing.
 After I tapped the Message title, I expected to see a new screen showing
 the whole message and a textbox where I can respond to the message.

 Only discovered on the laptop that if you scroll down just below the
 message list, that the whole message for that Message title I clicked on
 shows up. Checked on the phone again and yes the message showed up below
 the message list but that was unexpected. Then seeing that whole message
 below, I still need to click on the icon to "View full conversation and

 For Keyboard users: Tabbing through a Message thread, the focus goes to
 the checkbox and link to sender's profile page of that row then goes to
 the next row's checkbox and link to sender's profile page. No way to
 navigate to view the whole message and respond to it.

 For Screen reader users: The screen reader announces the list, the
 checkbox, link to sender's profile page, title of the message, excerpt of
 the message, and the date, no way to navigate to view the whole message
 and respond to it.

 One solution would be to make the title of the Message a link to view the
 entire Message in another page.

 3) No indication the Message was starred/not starred in Messages inbox.
 Related: #7723 - Cannot Star or Unstar in single message view

 4) No indication that the Message was read/unread in Messages inbox.

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