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#7710: Version numbering proposal
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Comment (by netweb):

 Do it I say, switch to 100% semantic versioning, technically though
 without WordPress Core adhering to it also there's a chance strictly
 speaking that a WordPress update could break BuddyPress'

 Personally, I'm not a fan of any "semantic-like versioning" proposal as I
 believe they introduce more confusion

 There's a comment on Jenny's post linking to the commenters blog
 https://alexandergoller.com/semantic-versioning-wordpress-userland/ that
 includes a few links to other plugins journey into semver:

 * https://kb.yoast.com/kb/plugin-version-numbers-and-frequent-updates/
 * https://woocommerce.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/important-update-regarding-

 The WooCommerce post was what convinced me SemVer can work:

 * I don't see any issues that would require changes to plugins such as
 [https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/automatic-updater/ automatic updater]
 and they would continue to work as-is.

 * The next release of BuddyPress would be 3.0.0 instead of 3.0

 * I was thinking that not often a ''major'' version bump would be required
 and BP would remain on the 3.x branch for eternity, but further thinking
 when BP drops WP 4.6 a ''major'' version bump would be required, BPs REST
 API, BPs WP-CLI implementations will also offer opportunities to iterate
 and produce v2's of these APIs and ''major'' version bumps.

 p.s FYI: For reference though I couldn't find said reference to the
 original discussion, a few years ago an informal discussion took place in
 regard to WordPress version numbers, at the time the suggestion was to use
 something like Google Chromes versioning e.g. `66.0.3355.0`, and this was
 thought of the best way forward to Core further enhancing automatic
 updates, which includes automatic updates for ''major'' releases, an
 eventual goal to even update the 3.7.x branches to the latest 4.9.x is
 still thought of as a possible goal.

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