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#7884: Docked View
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 Hi @jacobsidelnikov

 Thanks for sharing your idea. It is pretty cool, but for Nouveau, I think
 we'll be best to stick with how it works already, otherwise we'll upset
 people who are used to the current implementation. Switching from an
 email-style to a live-chat-style are very different things. Adding a UI
 toggle for this alternative view is an interesting idea, but I think
 Nouveau is maybe large enough already, and I don't think we have enough
 contributors at the minute who'd start work on this any time soon.

 I do suspect, generally speaking, the overlap between the Activity
 Streams, and Private Messages, is something that will get looked at in the
 year ahead. It's something I've wanted to explore for some time. And when
 that happens, it might be well-suited for a UI change, and something like
 what you've suggested then might be the answer.


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