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#7855: Privacy: Suggested privacy policy text
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 @hnla Thanks for having a look!

 > One really minor thought, where we state something like message
 visibility is it worth qualifying 'never' as 'never intentionally' i.e our
 intended approach is that it's not visible but...

 If private message content is visible to someone other than the intended
 recipient, it's a bug in BuddyPress (or the site) that should be fixed. I
 don't think that the privacy policy language should reflect that.

 > Perhaps a silly question, if so forgive me, but what is the thinking
 about display of this text, WP introduces an option to generate a page
 along with a skeleton template of sections with some detail added for
 users to review and edit to thier requirements, how do we propose handling
 BP specific content, grabbing the WP content, merging BP sections into it
 before returning?

 WP's utilities for the privacy policy text allow plugins to register text
 that will appear on `wp-admin/tools.php?wp-privacy-policy-guide=1`. Next
 to each of these items appears a 'Copy' button, which takes the suggested
 text and puts it into the clipboard. Beyond that, it's up to the site
 admin to create the page, do additional edits, etc. See

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