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#7867: Privacy: Default email notification preferences
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 @DJPaul Thanks very much for the thoughts. I'm philosophically sympathetic
 to the idea that the preferences ought to be opt-in. That being said, I'm
 unsure whether we're required to make this change as part of GDPR and
 other regulations, as notification emails are structurally different
 ("transactional") from marketing emails.

 In any case, I feel very strongly that turning email notifications off by
 default is liable to have a very bad effect on organizations that use
 BuddyPress for internal communication (as opposed to more open, social-
 networky uses). We should not make this change without introducing some
 other built-in mechanism for sites to prompt for users to opt in. Some

 1. Introduce these preferences into the registration process
 2. Show a (persistent but dismissable?) notice to new users that they
 should visit their preferences
 3. Redirect users to their Settings page on the first login

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