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#7898: Allow site admin to use the registration page
 Reporter:  Venutius      |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Registration  |    Version:
 Severity:  normal        |   Keywords:
 I'd like for there to be a "debug mode" option that allowed site admin to
 use the register page for debugging purposes. I'm hoping this is a pretty
 simple change, a setting in the options menu and a new test in the code.

 I've not found it yet but presumably there's a check if the user is logged
 in that prevents the register page from being viewed. This could have an
 additional conditional to check for site admin in debug mode.

 This would allow this pages functions to be diagnosed with inline tools
 such as Debug Bar and Query Monitor.

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