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#7892: Stop bundling BP-Default theme?
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I run a number of active but older sites that use bp-default child themes.
 Removing bp-default will mean a non-zero amount work for me as the
 maintainer of those sites. I'm sure I'm not alone.

 There are two sets of compatibility considerations. One is the fact that
 the active (or parent) theme will suddenly be missing. There are things we
 can do to mitigate this: automatically install the theme from GitHub/the
 repo; prompt the admin to install the separate theme; discourage BP
 upgrade until the problem has been rectified; etc.

 A harder problem is that certain theme and plugin customizations may make
 reference to bp-default paths, so that (eg) enqueuing a style from wp-
 content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default... will no longer work.
 (This won't be an issue for those using get_template_directory_uri() etc).

 Personally, as in the case of bbPress 1.x, I don't see the advantage of
 removing the files. Removing it will break some sites, while keeping it in
 doesn't cause any harm to anyone. If we were introducing new themes and
 template packs every year, you might argue that it no longer makes sense
 to package them all, but we are on our fourth in the history of BP (bp-sn-
 parent, bp-default, bp-legacy, bp-nouveau, and only the latter three are
 included) so the overhead seems minimal for the time being. That said, I
 recognize that one real piece of "harm" is that it annoys people like
 @DJPaul to have it in there, so I won't lobby hard to keep it.

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