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#7549: Only load AJAX code on AJAX requests
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 All efforts must go into making Nouveau be the best set of templates we
 possibly can; the best code quality, the best documentation, the best UI,
 the best Javascript, the best CSS. Our effort might not exceed the "best"
 that other people can produce, but given our pool of contributors, we
 always punch above our weight, which I've always been very impressed by,
 and thankful for.

 As @hnla implied, making the Legacy templates better doesn't achieve
 success for Nouveau.

 I am very reluctant to make this kind of optimisation to Legacy, given its
 age and - hopefully - the number of 3rd party themes and customisations
 relying on it, and the opportunity cost (vs. making Nouveau better).

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