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#7673: Group Creation Link On Member Profile
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     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
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Component:  Groups       |    Version:  2.9.2
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 Users can currently create groups by only going to the /groups/ page in
 BuddyPress (which works for admins such as us as we know that's the
 intention). However, I am in the middle of setting up a new BuddyPress
 community for a site I am working on and did test with my family, and
 friends and they had made comments regarding how to make their own groups.

 After explaining that they can create groups by going to the /groups/ link
 in the menu they understood, however, I can understand the confusion it's
 a bit odd to have a link on the profile /members/name/groups/ which shows
 you your memberships, and if you received any group invites but there is
 no way to create new groups from that same section.

 I think from a user standpoint it's a little bit odd, my site allows users
 to create posts from their profiles, they post their activity which is
 native, they can send messages, but as far as the workflow of creating a
 new group it's a little odd.

 I think it should be looked at to add a "Create A Group" type link next to
 the memberships and invitations link.

 I would like to add, I am not wanting to build a new interface that can
 all be done from the member's profile page but simply a link that can get
 them to that creation page. Of course, building it from the member profile
 would work a link would be the easier approach.

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