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#7663: Allow using Content-Security-Policy without unsafe-inline
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 Thanks for writing, @bymiki.

 I can't talk for all instances, but for these two, they are dynamic
 variables which handle translations for UI elements. This means we can't
 put them into a JS file. Both come from use of WordPress'
 `wp_localize_script()` function, which means you're going to have the same
 problem with parts of WordPress.

 I think this quite topical at the moment, because obvious WordPress'
 Gutenberg feature requires translated strings, and I know there's work
 going into WordPress to improve and perhaps change how JS translations and
 other dynamic strings (nonces, etc) are handled.

 See #WP10237 and #WP32067, and the myriad of linked tickets from those
 (#WP39941, and so on).

 I think because we have so few contributors compared to WordPress (by
 orders of magnitude), this is an area we don't have resources to pioneer a
 solution for, and I'd argue we don't *need* to, given the focus in
 WordPress itself around this sort of area.

 If a future WordPress changes the APIs in a backwards compatible fashion,
 BuddyPress is fixed. If the WordPress community finds a different approach
 to solve this, then yes, we'll update.

 Thanks for the suggestion, and I apologise that I can't say "we'll fix
 this soon".

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