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#7658: Use WP functions to retrieve current user ID.
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 I've thought about this a lot, and these types of multisite work-arounds
 do come back as problems frequently.

 I forget if BuddyPress does anything to the `current_user` and
 `displayed_user` objects that's different from core WordPress `WP_User`
 objects, but I think the answer is yes.

 * If not, we should switch everything to use the current `WP_User` object-
 based functions, and add `__get()` magic support when something tries to
 look at `$bp->current_user`
 * If BuddyPress does modify the object, we need to decide if we keep
 supporting it in perpetuity, and/or if we are more comfortable modifying
 the current `WP_User` object directly instead


 The REST downgrade is interesting in that I think the point was always
 that those two user objects be clones of one-another, so however that
 variable is being nerfed, it should be bubbling back up to
 `$bp->current_user`, I would have assumed.

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