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#6783: Groups: Add Profile Fields and Profile Field Groups
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     Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  reopened
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Comment (by dcavins):

 I think this is a great idea, generally. I'm thinking that we need to
 store what kind of object each group was associated with, but Paul's doing
 that in the data table. (I guess that would allow you to apply the same
 profile fields to a user and group, but maybe it's simpler to make them

 What about:
 1) Rename `wp_bp_xprofile_data.user_id` to `object_id`
 2) Add `wp_bp_xprofile_groups.object_type` to specify what kind of thing
 this profile field group applies to.

 Geez, I wish that groups of fields weren't called groups. I've been
 confused by that so many times, because I work with actual groups often,
 ha ha.

 As to the arguments, many of the functions already accept an array of
 arguments. Maybe this is the time to push the stragglers in that
 direction, too.

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