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#7760: Synchronise Buddypress and most WordPress profile information
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 Hi ya,
 Over the last while I’ve REALLY been struggling with the disparity between
 the WP profile info and BP profile info.

 BP only has a Name field. But WP has quite a few profile fields that are
 very useful.

 It would be incredibly helpful to have the option to have pretty much the
 same fields in BP as are in the WP profile. This would mean that users
 would have only one place to go to change information and could stay in

 We could change our display name. We could change nicknames and so on.

 It’s incredibly confusing for everyone that the Profile info does not do a
 two way sync between these two areas.

 There are paid (expensive) plugins that can do the two way sync. There are
 free plugins that can do the BP->WP sync.

 I can see that if you have Buddypress sub sites and they are acting as
 their own site, with separate information from the other subsites, then
 how to make that work is an issue.

 But yeah. Even if that’s an edge case, it would be SO HELPFUL to be able
 to have reliable sync both ways.


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