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#7744: Changing the Register page permalink structure break activations mails
 Reporter:  Venutius      |      Owner:  (none)
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 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
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 I thought I raise this here as although it's technically a configuration
 error and shouldn't be done, the change seems to permanently affect
 WordPress and I think warrants some discussion.

 On the forum we had the following error report -

 Basically the user wanted to change the registration page url structure
 and did this by modifying the permalink structure via the edit page.

 This broke the activation email send process in that activation emails
 were no longer sent.

 On my test server the behaviour noted was that the registration page
 redirected to the last site page viewed, not the activation confirmation

 However, when I created a new page and assigned registration to it via
 settings, whilst after registration the Register page correctly redirected
 to the activation sent page, the email never arrived. Manually sending an
 activation email via the Users page also failed.

 So it seems, changing the permalink structure of the registration page
 will permanently break a site. I've done the usual checks, reinstalled WP
 and BP, checked my db - all looks fine.

 I'm not sure whether to call this a bug since it was an odd method of
 reconfiguring the register url structure, but basically it was accessible
 and it seems to have permanently broke a live site so I think it should in
 the least needs to be highlighted to the user base in some way that it's

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