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#7737: bp-custom.php - BP_AVATAR_DEFAULT no longer working
 Reporter:  Venutius                       |       Owner:  John James
                                           |  Jacoby
     Type:  defect (bug)                   |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                         |   Milestone:  BuddyPress.org
                                           |  Sites
Component:  BuddyPress.org Sites           |     Version:
 Severity:  normal                         |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  needs-codex reporter-feedback  |
Changes (by r-a-y):

 * keywords:   => needs-codex reporter-feedback
 * owner:  (none) => John James Jacoby
 * component:  Core => BuddyPress.org Sites
 * milestone:  Awaiting Review => BuddyPress.org Sites


 Thanks for noticing, @venutius!  That document is a couple of years old.

 Can you try the following things?

 If you disable Gravatar fetching with:

 add_filter( 'bp_core_fetch_avatar_no_grav', '__return_true' );

 Then the `BP_AVATAR_DEFAULT` define should work.  Can you confirm?

 However, if you want to keep Gravatar enabled, but have a different
 default avatar, can you try the following?

 add_filter( 'bp_core_avatar_default', function() {
         return BP_AVATAR_DEFAULT;
 } );

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