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#7551: Merge Nouveau template directory to BP core
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Comment (by hnla):

 Replying to [comment:16 r-a-y]:
 > What I'm proposing is one way around this.
 > If we do not like the duplicate Nouveau directories, I have an idea that
 could possibly move the files out of `/wp-content/plugins/bp-nouveau/` to
 `/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-templates/bp-nouveau` during bp-nouveau
 plugin installation, but that would require adding some code in BP core to
 support this.  With this approach, we would still need to keep a `/wp-
 content/plugins/bp-nouveau/index.php` file so WordPress can check the
 wp.org plugin repository for updates.  One potential problem with this
 approach is with wp-cli or environments that have locked down file
 permissions.  I haven't thought everything through yet; these are just
 some unfinished thoughts.

 Well duplicate sets of files does feel a bit clumsy, but equally  the
 point that the plugin version can be updated outside of BP version cycles
 is a strong one.

 Having BP check to see if plugin version activated and use it if is, again
 get the point it would work but do we like the approach, feels a little
 hacky, there's a more elegant solution but we just haven't access to it.

 I think I'm liking the sound of your alternative solution moving files
 around, but not overly keen on the idea that users have to install a
 plugin. It really feels to me as though we are hovering around the notion
 of our own means of apping WP theme update capabilities, if we could check
 the github repo for updates and download them to bp-nouveau if the pack
 was activated or upload the pack not as a plugin but as a set of theme
 files from github after we had run a build to WP repo and have BP update
 the core files and perhaps then grab github files as a dependency during
 the build process... but this is going down a dark complicated route and
 I'm waffling :)

 > I haven't thought everything through yet

 If you can expand on your idea, as this does feel like quite a critical

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