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#7551: Merge Nouveau template directory to BP core
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 > Question: how does WP bundle core themes and yet allow for independent
 updates from core files?

 The WordPress release ZIP file has a `/wp-content/themes/` directory
 containing bundled themes.

 Themes can be independently updated because of the wordpress.org themes
 repository and the WordPress core theme update system that writes to `/wp-

 Obviously, BuddyPress doesn't have this luxury because WordPress only has
 a plugin and theme update system in core.

 What I'm proposing is one way around this.

 If we do not like the duplicate Nouveau directories, I have an idea that
 could possibly move the files out of `/wp-content/plugins/bp-nouveau/` to
 `/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-templates/bp-nouveau` during bp-nouveau
 plugin installation, but that would require adding some code in BP core to
 support this.  With this approach, we would still need to keep a `/wp-
 content/plugins/bp-nouveau/index.php` file so WordPress can check the
 wp.org plugin repository for updates.  One potential problem with this
 approach is with wp-cli or environments that have locked down file
 permissions.  I haven't thought everything through yet; these are just
 some unfinished thoughts.

 > is that as a separate or somewhat disconnected 'thing' would it get any
 attention vis a vi updates, ongoing development or be conveniently
 forgotten about by core as something it doesn't have time to support?

 The plugin version of Nouveau would have faster updates.  For every
 BuddyPress release (maintenance or major), we would merge the changes from
 the latest plugin version of Nouveau to BP core.

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