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#7551: Merge Nouveau template directory to BP core
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 Now that Nouveau's in core, I still believe that Nouveau should be a
 plugin.  Read comment:2 and comment:5 for reasons as to why.

 We would use a two-pronged approach similar to WordPress.  WordPress
 bundles a bunch of default themes, but is still able to update them
 independently.  How about we bundle Nouveau in core, but also keep it
 separate as a plugin so we can push updates fast.

 The difference here is in BP core, we'd check to see if `/wp-
 content/plugins/bp-nouveau/` exists before registering Nouveau internally
 as a template pack.  If it exists, then we use that version of Nouveau.
 If it doesn't, we fall back to the Nouveau that is bundled with core.

 The negatives with this approach are:
 - The duplication of code for Nouveau.  There would be a `/wp-
 content/plugins/buddypress/bp-templates/bp-nouveau/` directory and a `/wp-
 content/plugins/bp-nouveau/` directory in this scenario.
 - For those not using the plugin version of Nouveau, they might have a
 slightly older version of Nouveau from the BP release version.

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