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#7614: Group member count routine is bad
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  boonebgorges           |     Status:  new
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Component:  Groups       |   Keywords:  needs-patch needs-unit-tests good-
 Severity:  normal       |  first-bug
 There are in fact two bad things going on here, but they're closely
 related, so I'm lumping them together.

 1. Group member count is stored in groupmeta for performance. This count
 is refreshed every time a group's Members page is viewed.
 groups-screens.php?marks=585#L573 [2858] This is bad. This cached value
 only needs updating when a member joins or leaves.

 2. The method used to query the group member count is
 `groups_get_total_member_count()`, which calls
 `BP_Groups_Group::get_total_member_count()`, which makes a direct SQL
 query. This query doesn't take into account whether users are activated in
 WP (see `user_status` or `spam` in the `wp_users` table, it ignores
 whether the users in question even exist in `wp_users`, it is not
 filterable, and it is not cached. We should not use it. This should be
 switched to a regular group member query, with 'count' functionality added
 to that query class if it's not already there.

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