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#6783: Groups: Add Profile Fields and Profile Field Groups
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 I am just going to expand into a use case for users. I currently am on a
 project focused on Nashville TN and it's a news site with heavy social
 features to illustrate the community of Nashville. I added member types
 and allowed users to register such as engineers (sound), artists, and a
 few others.

 The group types API allows me to make a couple of page types such as
 Record Label (as an example) or as the case I am looking at which is
 "Band" there can be multiple artists in a single band to which they would
 be admins of such a group. However, this is an example of a use case where
 you would expect the ability to add a description or "biography" which can
 be done via xprofile fields for users or a link to their own personal
 website or just a link to their Apple music album.

 In this case, it doesn't make sense to make a member type for a "band"
 because multiple artists can register and be part of the same band. But
 the only way to promote the band and to get that sense of exposure is to
 use profiles which doesn't make sense. IMO this is the equivalent of
 someone registering a profile on facebook as their business page. It works
 but it's not what it's for.

 So I am in favor in expanding the current xprofile fields to a group
 fields API as it makes sense.

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