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#7565: Multisite signups do not have a WordPress role
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 Priority:  normal                              |   Milestone:  3.0
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I have my doubts about whether this would ever be fixed upstream, for
 backward compatibility reasons. The argument would be that REST API
 requests are always site-specific, while wp-signup.php could be an entry
 point to the entire network. Not that I think this is *right*, but I don't
 think it's a battle worth fighting.

 Agreed with your point about `add_user_to_blog()`.

 > I guess the question is do we create a ticket upstream to get some
 feedback or do we impose what we think is correct, even though this might
 affect existing sites?

 What's the worst that will happen to existing sites? There seems little
 harm in adding people as Subscribers. Is it possible that someone may have
 configured their site in such a way that the default role is something
 higher than Subscriber, so that BP would then suddenly be adding
 privileged users?

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