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#7525: www and trailing slash, in register page's url
 Reporter:  khoallaby     |      Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Core          |    Version:
 Severity:  normal        |   Keywords:
 User can't get to the Register page if they use an odd combination of the
 www prefix for a domain, and whether or not it has a trailing slash (at
 the end of the url). They get redirected to the login page instead under
 the test cases shown below.

 The login page url you land on is something like -- wp-
 login.php?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fdomain.com%2Fwp-admin%2F&reauth=1 --
 suggesting that it got redirected along the way

 Desired effect should be that all variations (w/ and w/o www prefix, and
 trailing slash) of the register page should go to... the register page

 WP/site url set to "http://domain.com"

 http://domain.com/register - good
 http://domain.com/register/ - good
 http://www.domain.com/register - bad (forwards to wp-login.php
 http://www.domain.com/register/- good

 WP/site url set to "http://www.domain.com"

 http://domain.com/register - bad (forwards to wp-login.php
 http://domain.com/register/ - good
 http://www.domain.com/register - good
 http://www.domain.com/register/- good

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