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#7549: Only load AJAX code on AJAX requests
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Comment (by sbrajesh):

 Good point.
 The problem is BuddyPress code base is more like a platform(Just like
 WordPress). Third party plugins build components with it without worrying
 about function/class check for every individual identifier. All they have
 to do is check BuddyPress is active and component is enabled.

 Any hard coded optimization for loading functions/classes will have
 immense side effect. All the 3rd party code will need to check and load
 and repeat.

 The solution that will be more useful is to use a proper autoloader(may be
 based on the PSR, modified for wp context) and write a wrapper for
 attaching actions. Decouple action handlers from the code attaching

 That way, Only wrappers will be required to load, the Action Handlers can
 be lazy loaded.

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