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#7188: Remove/Replace `title` attributes with Tooltips usable in all devices
 Reporter:  mercime                           |       Owner:  mercime
     Type:  enhancement                       |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal                            |   Milestone:  2.9
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 Severity:  normal                            |  Resolution:
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Comment (by mercime):

 @dcavins Thanks again for testing on your Mac and for the screenshots :D

 > tooltip is better positioned above object than below ( as seen in FF on
 the act headers )as the cursor will tend to obscure the label text.

 Per our DM, no longer an issue in FF.

 > On things like member name strings a title attr repeating the name
 doesn't benefit so we should remove those in items like activity headers.

 Doesn't show up on bp-legacy. Will check with bp-nouveau.

 > We could add a better explanation of the act Fav button i.e Add this
 item to your personal fav list - not critical though just a thought.

 Definitely will do this with Fav button in bp-nouveau since it has title
 attr with bp-icon only, along with the other buttons with the same config.

 > Messages Stared & the messsage title still appears to be running regular
 title attr, am I missing something there

 Creating a separate patch for the Messages stars as these deserve special
 treatment. The values of title attributes are much longer than 200px and
 are placed on either the left side or right side of screen depending on
 Twenty-default theme, then change again for mobile devices. Therefore the
 patch required for the Messages stars would require adding HTML markup  as
 well as changes in style sheets for Twenty-default themes.

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