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#7228: Add PHPCS
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Comment (by netweb):

 Replying to [comment:5 DJPaul]:
 > At Human Made, we've had issues with wp-dev-lib and it being quite
 brittle. Given that wp-dev-lib would be a key part of this - every file
 would undoubtably through warnings if we weren't running this only on new
 changes - i'm going to close this ticket for now and if we/Human Made come
 up with something a bit more reliable and there's interest, we can re-

 I agree, it's also about to become a lot less generic, it's currently
 implementing coding standards changes that differ to WordPress Coding

 > Or switch to Github and have Travis-CI run PHPCS on pull requests. :p

 Or just run PHPCS across the entire codebase and be done with it,
 WordPress itself is doing it in #WP41057

 WordPress will also be adding pre-commit hooks as part of this, I've some
 initial work done for this that looks promising

 Anyways, I'll keep BP in mind as I will do for bbPress as this WordPress
 initiative progresses, when I've got some solid plans I'll reopen this
 ticket with a proposal.

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