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#7535: Add npm `package-lock.json` for npm v5.x
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Comment (by netweb):

 I've nearly grok'd all there is know about npm 5...

 To that end some recent knowledge ingestion a `package-lock.json` and
 `npm-shrinkwrap.json` are interchangeable, in essence one could be renamed
 to other and it will work as intended.

 Another is that npm has no ''LTS'' releases, everyone should be running
 the latest version of npm, at the time of writing that is npm `5.2.0` see
 also http://blog.npmjs.org/post/162451604515/the-npm-clis-long-term-

 The plan I have now to move forward with this is to rename `npm-
 shrinkwrap.json` to `package-lock.json`, then using npm `5.2.0` to update
 the file `package-lock.json` with the updated file format added as part of
 npm `5.1.0` release.

 This will also help to avoid scenarios where unexpected changes to `npm-
 shrinkwrap.json` occurs such as
 shrinkwrap.json this].

 I'm pretty keen on this change as it both benefits contributors and the
 repo, for contributors things become a little simpler in that `npm
 install` is for the most part the only command you'll ever need to run
 ever again, for the repo, this changes ensures a consistent set of build
 tool versions across all platforms that install faster than ever before.

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