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#7429: Update and fix all the NPM things
 Reporter:  netweb            |      Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)      |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal            |  Milestone:  2.8
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 This is a rolling ticket for numerous issues relating to BuddyPress' use
 of NodeJS and NPM

 1. Update out of date packages, see table below

 2.  Update Node engine from 6.6.0 to latest 6.x LTS release 6.9.4 in

 3. NPM modules in `package.json` should only use semantic versioning  `~`
 ''minor'' versions, rather than `^` ''major'' versions, regardless of the
 `npm-shrinkwrap.json` file this will hopefully remove one potential issue,
 and improve the stability of BPs NodeJS and NPM build tools

 4. Manually updating the BuddyPress version in `npm-shrinkwrap.json` is a
 task that shouldn't be performed manually, the `npm-shrinkwrap.json`
 should only be generated and/or regenerated by NPM itself.

  * Update the codex docs on how to update the `npm-shrinkwrap.json` file.
 Include notes that if using `NPM v4.x to run `npm shrinkwrap` will include
 development dependencies, whereas in NPM 3.x development dependencies had
 to be explicitly included by using `npm shrinkwrap --dev`

 5. Maybe add https://github.com/mstuart/grunt-shrinkwrap (depends  on
 pending PRs merging)

 Available NPM module updates:
 ||Package||Current ||Wanted ||Latest ||Location||
 ||grunt-contrib-jshint||1.0.0||1.0.0||1.1.0 ||buddypress||
 ||grunt-sass||1.2.1 ||1.2.1||2.0.0||buddypress||

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