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#408: User Activity Import/Export Function
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 Severity:  normal                               |     Version:  1.0
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 * keywords:  needs-patch ui-feedback => needs-patch ui-feedback dev-


 #7393 deals with individual user data export and nothing else.  I think
 that might warrant its own issue as import/export is something else

 If we're thinking about the user, maybe we offer two options:
 1. Export as archive (which is basically #7393; see comment:7 for some
 2. Export as JSON (to import into another BP site) (would require planning
 for an importer)

 Export as archive should be relatively straightforward (JSON file plus
 some form of HTML file with a nice way to view this data); export for the
 purposes of importing to another BuddyPress site requires some decisions
 on our part.

 Let's say you're importing some activity items from another site that are
 connected to a group that doesn't exist on the new site.  In this case, we
 would probably want to skip importing these items.

 I'm also not sure if importing should be a user decision.  This could be
 easily used by spammers to flood the activity stream.

 With that being said, we should probably rename this ticket "BP Site
 Import/Export" and reopen #7393.

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