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Thu Jan 26 22:20:52 UTC 2017

#7423: Group Types Default Pagination Broken
 Reporter:  reubenlillie  |       Owner:  r-a-y
     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  2.8
Component:  Groups        |     Version:  2.7
 Severity:  normal        |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  has-patch     |

Comment (by r-a-y):

 > Maybe it's a quirk with go_to? Any ideas?)

 This.  We only run `'bp_init'` on the `go_to()` method because we can't
 really test for redirections using `wp_redirect()`.  If we do try to run
 the `'bp_template_redirect'` hook in the `go_to()` method, PHPUnit will
 crap out.

 Instead of redirecting, we could change invalid group type requests to 404
 instead.  That way, we would be in line with what we are currently doing
 with invalid member type requests.

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