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#6677: Groups: Draft, Locked or Suspended status
 Reporter:  dcavins                 |       Owner:  dcavins
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Comment (by kalico):

 +1 Glad to see this is being worked on. Too bad it didn't make it into
 2.6.1. Is there an updated release target?

 I would like to add a use case that is basically the opposite of the "read
 only" status many have mentioned: a "no-read" status. I want to suspend a
 group without deleting the members, so it could be reinstated later.

 I'm working on a membership site for groups. If the group does not pay
 their membership, we would like to block access to the group in one easy
 step, but be able to reinstate the group later, with no loss of content.
 We would like to retain all group settings and members, but suspend access
 for everyone (including group admins and mods)....with the option to
 return the group to active status.

 Hidden status is not sufficient, because existing members can still get to
 the group if they know the URL. The proposed "draft" status might work, if
 it respects and deals with members (drafts don't typically have members)
 and has some sort of splash screen messaging for anyone who hits the group
 URL while in draft status....which raises the point of messaging.....

 A suspended group should be able to to let group members know why they
 can't access the group. E.g., for our case we might say something like,
 "This group is no longer a member of XYZ Foundation. You can still access
 other areas of our website [here]."

 Ideally, the message would be customizable using the post editor (or
 similar), and the member-facing page would retain the group header (image,
 cover photo, title, etc.) and just override all the group content and

 Again, thanks for working on this. I look forward to the finished result.

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