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#7320: Group header: warning in admins/mods list
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 hey good people, i've hit this error too, and have some info to add which
 should hopefully help reproduce the issue.

 My setup: wp 4.7.1, bp 2.7.4, php 7.0, ***REDIS OBJECT CACHING VIA W3TC***

 i'm convinced this is an object caching issue:
 - i'm using a buddyboss child theme, but have also been able to reproduce
 this issue in twenty seventeen.
 - this is server-side. i've been able to see this in firefox as well,
 *but* the error doesn't show 100% of the time due to whether the data
 served comes from cache or not.
 - the error shows while object cache via redis is enabled in w3tc, but
 disappears when that option is disabled.

 Hope this helps! sorry i don't have the smarts or time to dig in further,
 but at least i can provide another data point! object caching is crucial
 to decent performance for our member-only site, so hopefully this can be
 resolved. many thanks!

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