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#4017: Group taxonomy
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Comment (by rekmla):

 @imath's experimental group taxonomy plugin [https://github.com/imath/bp-
 groups-taxo] has been refreshed for 2.7 and we're looking to give it a
 trial run. We intend to allow multiple taxonomies on groups as there are
 several things we're doing in group meta that might be better done with a
 custom taxonomy. I believe that this capability supplements group type.
 The question is should custom taxonomy support remain a plugin or could it
 move into BP?

 This plugin has some differences from group types in implementation - it
 does not use blog switching - that might need reconsideration if moving
 into BP proper.

 We've already implemented an Academic Interests custom taxonomy for users
 that we would like to add to groups. We would then create a similar plugin
 for sites. This would allow us to recommend groups and sites to a user
 based on their stated interests.

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