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#7392: PHP 7.1 compat
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     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  new
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Changes (by boonebgorges):

 * priority:  normal => highest


 BP won't load on PHP 7.1 because of an issue with the way our components
 set up the admin bar. See
 http://php.net/manual/en/migration71.incompatible.php "The empty index
 operator is not supported for strings anymore". `bp_setup_admin_bar()`
 does the following:

 do_action( 'bp_setup_admin_bar' );

 which WordPress, since the introduction of `WP_Hook`, converts to
 `$hook->apply_filters( '', $args )` - the first `''` is an empty string
 passed as the missing "value" in a `do_action()` call. This means that all
 instances of `'bp_setup_admin_bar'` are passed an empty string, overriding
 the `$wp_admin_nav = array()` in the function definition. When components
 try adding items to the array (`$wp_admin_nav[] = ...`), a fatal is

 The smallest fix I can see is to change `bp_setup_admin_bar()` so that it
 does this instead:

 apply_filters( 'bp_setup_admin_bar', array() );

 But this changes the semantics a bit - our 'bp_setup_admin_bar' callbacks
 don't actually use the value returned from the filter, which makes it
 somewhat misleading to call it a "filter". Another option is to have an
 explicit check in each `'bp_setup_admin_bar'` callback:

 if ( '' === $wp_admin_nav ) {
    $wp_admin_nav = array();

 or to remove the default `$wp_admin_nav` from the function definition
 altogether, and rely on a local variable. But neither of these will fix
 the problem in third-party plugins.

 I'm glad to spin this off into another ticket - it's important enough that
 it should be fixed in the next minor release.

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