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#7271: Accessibility: Group radio buttons in fieldsets for Site creation
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 For radio buttons related to creating a new site in the "Create a Site"
 and the "Register" templates, some screen reader users who tab through
 form controls will be confused as to what the "Yes" and "No" buttons are
 all about. The text, "Privacy: I would like my site to appear in search
 engines, and in public listings around this network", is not associated to
 a form control and thus not read aloud by the screen reader.

 To replicate: Close your eyes, open up a screen reader of choice, and tab
 through the form.

 Note: in one instance, I think I heard only the word 'privacy' while
 tabbing through the form: ".. Site title (required) edit has auto
 complete, Privacy, Yes radio button checked 1 of 2, No radio button
 unchecked ..." but could not replicate it. But even if by chance they hear
 "Privacy", screen reader users have no idea what kind or level of privacy
 we are referring to for the new site.

 To resolve this issue, we're surrounding the radio form controls for
 screens mentioned above with `fieldset`s and using the text for the
 `legend`. Ideally the `legend` should be shorter than the text we
 currently have because the legend will be read for each `radio` button. In
 this case though, clarity of information especially relating to privacy
 trumps the length.

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