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#6544: Use WP 4.3 site icon feature to set a blog's "profile photo"
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Changes (by r-a-y):

 * keywords:  2nd-opinion needs-refresh => has-patch


 `ray.patch` is an alternative way to use WP's Site Icon feature as a BP
 blog avatar (or profile photo).

 My approach doesn't copy the site icon to our uploads directory, but
 merely saves the Site Icon URLs (for both thumb and full-width BP avatar
 sizes) to blogmeta.

 Patch only syncs new site icons and doesn't do any backfilling.

 To test:
 1. Navigate to a sub-site's frontend and click on the "Customize" icon in
 the admin bar.
 2. Next, click on "Site Identity" and set the "Site Icon" to whatever you
 3. When you delete or set a new site icon, this info should be synced to
 4. To see if the site icon is synced, navigate to BP's Sites Directory
 (eg. `example.com/blogs/`) to see if the site icon is set as the BP's site

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