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#3807: groups_get_group() and BP_Groups_Group tuning
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Changes (by boonebgorges):

 * keywords:   => needs-patch


 Yes, a parameter to exclude just these options would be a start.

 A more complete solution, IMO, would be to do the following:

 1. Ensure that the admin/mods query is properly cached.
 2. Lazy-load the admin/mods data. That is: make the properties protected,
 limiting access to `__get()`; and in `__get()`, fetch them only if they're
 needed. In the case of a groups loop, I'd say that they should all be pre-
 fetched into the cache no matter what (unless we want some sort of more
 sophisticated lazyload like WP does:
 metadata-lazyloader.php). But the more simple lazy-load would be quite
 effective when calling `groups_get_group()` outside of a loop.

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