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#5781: strtotime() is evil don't use it
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 Good questions. I think it SHOULD but... if current xprofile is storing
 values in server timezone (or the timezone set in WP), if we switched to
 GMT, surely we'd have to run a conversion on update. If you want to put in
 the effort to do that, that's fab, otherwise let's not bother for now.
 This could be done in the future as a separate thing.

 > Activity dashboard index uses the localized timezone, whereas when you
 edit an activity item in the dashboard, the timezone is UTC.

 I know this comment is 2 years old but if still the case, we should
 convert it to local timezone on display, and then back again to GMT on
 save. I'm assuming this also will need to happen on the front-end as the
 underlying implementations are similar.

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