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#7290: 2.7.0-rc2 breaks GeomyWP + Groups Locator groups list
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Comment (by ninjew):

 I have been trying integrate my Groups Locator extension with BuddyPress
 2.7 but with no success so far.

 I will explain how my extension work and how I integrated it in the
 previous version of BuddyPress, and hopefully you will be able to help me
 out integrating it with BP 2.7.

 The purpose of my extension is to geotag BP groups and to be able to
 search and find groups based on address, distance and more. The extension
 creates a custom table in database `gmw_groups_locator` where it holds the
 location information of each groups together with the group ID to be able
 to map it when doing the search query. So the table has columns like id,
 address, city, state, lat, lng and a few more.

 The groups proximity search is being done using a custom search form
 created using GEO my WP plugin ( the core plugin ). On form submission the
 form values pass via GET into the search query. In order to query the
 search results based on location and distance, the Groups Locator
 extension uses the bp_has_groups() function; by passing some of the form
 values via $args into the function but also by modifying the main SQL
 query. To modify the SQL query I used both
 `bp_groups_get_paged_groups_sql`  and `bp_groups_get_total_groups_sql`

 In order to modify the main query to only pull groups within a specific
 radius from a specific address, I extended the query by modifying its

 The SELECT clause i extended with something like:

 $wpdb->prepare( ", gg.id, gg.lat, gg.lng, gg.address,
 gg.formatted_address, gg.map_icon, ROUND( %d * acos( cos( radians( %s ) )
 * cos( radians( gg.lat ) ) * cos( radians( gg.lng ) - radians( %s ) ) +
 sin( radians( %s ) ) * sin( radians( gg.lat) ) ),1 ) AS distance",
                                         $radius, $lat, $lng, $lat );

 and the `groups_from` clause I extended like:
  `{$wpdb->prefix}gmw_groups_locator` gg WHERE g.id = gg.id AND ";

 The above added a few important fields to the groups object like address,
 coordinates, map icon and  the distance from the original address that was
 entered in the form.

 I also added a custom HAVING clause like:
 $wpdb->prepare(" HAVING distance <= %d OR distance IS NULL ", $radius );

 Which would filter the groups based on if they are within the range of
 radius entered in the form.

 Now, with BP 2.7 and the split query, I am unable to figure this out yet.

 In BP 2.7 the main query ( which used to query and pull all groups data )
 now only pulls the groups ID which makes it impossible for me to add all
 the extra group data ( address, lat, lng and so on ) into the groups
 object. It seems that now the groups object is being pulled from database
 using BP_Groups_Group->populate(); ( This is happening within a foreach
 loop of the groups ID returning from the main query ) but I don't see any
 filters or a way to modify the populate() function in order to extend the
 groups object with the custom data from my extension.

 This is where I am stuck and hopefully someone can help out.

 FYI, I have been away from the project and development for about 6 months
 and I just got back to it recently. So please forgive me if that is
 something simple that I am missing :).


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