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#7290: 2.7.0-rc2 breaks GeomyWP + Groups Locator groups list
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Comment (by ninjew):

 @DJPaul for sure.

 I took a quick look now and I found a couple of things that were modified
 and possibly caused my plugin to "break".

 One of the filters I used in order to modify the groups query is

 . In the previous version of BuddyPress the FROM and WHERE clauses were
 added to the $sql array which passes to that filter.

 in line 778:
 $sql['from']   = " FROM {$bp->groups->table_name_groupmeta} gm1,
 {$bp->groups->table_name_groupmeta} gm2,";

 and line 784:
 $sql['group_from'] = " {$bp->groups->table_name} g WHERE";

 ( BTW, the $sql[group_from] array value, which I also use for modifying
 the query, is also gone in 2.7. )

 And in line 908, the SQL query which passes to that filter is created
 using a join:
 join( ' ', (array) $sql )

 However, in version 2.7 the FROM and WHERE clauses are missing from the
 $sql array and the SQL query is created in line 1093:
 $paged_groups_sql = "{$sql['select']} FROM {$sql['from']} {$where}
 {$sql['orderby']} {$sql['pagination']}";

 Now, to modify the groups query in my extension I have a custom function
 attached to the filter above. In the custom function I did something like:
 $sql['from']  .= "my custom query.................";

 and in the end of the function I return the value using join ( same way as
 BuddyPress plugin does in the previous version ):
 return join( ' ', ( array )$sql );

 However, with version 2.7 the returned SQL is missing the FROM and WHERE
 clauses which results in "no results".

 I hope that makes sense. It is 1:00 am here and my brain is half asleep
 :). So forgive me if the above is confusing or doesn't make much sense. I
 will look into everything again tomorrow morning after I have my coffee.

 Kind regards,

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