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#7331: display_comments=stream for bp_has_activities() doesn't work
 Reporter:  slaFFik                  |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)             |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                   |   Milestone:  2.8
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > IMO we need to fix this and use component of the parent item when saving
 reply to an activity.

 I don't think this will work. Activity comments have the following

 'component' => 'activity',
 'type' => 'activity_comment',
 'item_id' => root-level ancestor activity ID
 'secondary_item_id' => immediate parent activity ID

 For example:

 - A
   - A1
     - A1a
     - A1b
   - A2
 - B
   - B1
   - B2

 A1a has item_id A and secondary_item_id A1. Because A1's immediate parent
 is also its root-level ancestor, it has item_id=A *and*

 You're correct that we should only set an activity item's component to
 'groups' if we also store the group ID. We generally do this in `item_id`.
 But making this change to `item_id` or `secondary_item_id` would break the
 existing schema for activity comments.

 As for the question of what to do about 'stream':
 [attachment:7331.01.patch] doesn't seem like the right approach to me,
 because it will *thread* the children rather than stream them, which is
 not what 'stream' suggests, and will also result in duplicate children
 outside the context of  groups. There may be no way to solve this problem
 for the group context without some sort of weird recursion. @r-a-y - as
 someone who has done some thinking about filtering activity in different
 contexts, do you have any brilliant ideas about this issue?

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