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#1426: BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES conflicts with multisite subdirectory slugs
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Comment (by lakrisgubben):

 This problem also exists on a single-site installation (tried with latest
 BP and WP). If you for example create a user with username "sample-page"
 you won't be able to access the page with the slug sample-page when

 Suppose there was a check that made sure there where no conflicts between
 usernames and subdirectory-sites or posts (of any type) if
 BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES was TRUE, what would happen if some site switched
 it off, or turned it on? Or should usernames always be checked for
 collisions against all post types (since changing the permalinks for posts
 to 'post_name' could create the problem as well)?

 I think there should be a "warning" of sorts on the codex that this
 problem might happen when using BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES, so as if someone
 chooses to use this, they're at least aware of the problems that can come
 with it. Maybe something like:

 "Warning! If you use BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES there might be a situation
 where some user profiles get the same url as some posts or pages rendering
 either of them inaccessible. This might also be true of sub-sites if
 you're running multisite with subdirectories. See ticket #1426"

 The sections of the codex I've found that should reflect this are (I can't
 edit them):

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