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#6827: Add BP top level menu and Admin Page to Improve User Experience
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Comment (by mercime):

 @DJPaul Thank you for your feedback. I'm thinking at that time, 4+ years
 ago, mobile viewing of the wp-admin dashboard was not the norm as it is
 nowadays. WP core only just started the "responsification" of the
 dashboard around the same time. So many if not all, used desktop/laptop to
 set up their plugins/sites.

 Fast forward to the present where the WP dashboard is fully responsive.

 Attached find-bp-settings-mobile.png shows some random plugins
 (conservative few)  I installed in test site to show how most plugins have
 a top-level menu nowadays (no, I do not use peepS or ultimatM at all).
 BuddyPress represent! :) It also gives one a sense of how many scrolls (2
 to 3) down and the tap for the Settings link in order to get to the BP
 settings link -- where you might still need to scroll down once again for,
 depending on your phone.

 In addition, attached is  6827-screen-reader.png which is the screen
 reader output of the wp-admin menus while at the BuddyPress Welcome Screen
 where you can see how far a user will navigate to get to the Settings >
 BuddyPress link.

 > an Admin Links tab to bp settings page would work for this

 @modemlooper Thanks for your comment. That would work if a user is at the
 BP Welcome Screen after activation and they see the Admin Links tab. But
 what if BP is already activated and a user goes back to wp-admin to make
 some changes to BP configuration/settings? That would bring us back to
 full circle where a user will then go a-scrolling and a-finding again
 where the BP configuration/settings pages are or even where that BP What's
 New/About Page is to find the Admin Links tab.

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