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#6846: Profile/Cover image upload doesn't work in MS Edge browser
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 1. I can confirm drag-n-drop works in Edge, but only if the file manager
 was not opened with elevated rights.

 2. I can also confirm the "Select a File" button issue.  The problem
 appears to be a bug with plupload's `<input type="file">` shim.  plupload
 is supposed to transparently overlay an `<input type="file">` button
 directly over the "Select a File" `<input type="button">`.  However, in
 Edge, the button is positioned just above the "Select a File" button.
 plupload is incorrectly calculating the position to place the button.  So,
 if you click just above the "Select a file" button, the file dialog window
 will open... Oddly enough, this button works in WP's "Add Media" modal

 I'm guessing the issue is with our CSS somewhere.  In the meantime, here
 is a CSS hack for Edge that increases the hit area of the plupload `<input
 type="file">` shim:

 @supports (-ms-accelerator:true) {
         body.change-avatar .moxie-shim-html5,
         body.change-cover-image .moxie-shim-html5 {
                 padding-top: 25px;

 3. I don't have a webcam connected to my PC, but was able to see the "Take
 Photo" tab in Edge; IE 11 properly does not display the tab.  Probably a
 problem with the webcam detection script.

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