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#1179: Cannot change Avatar
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 This topic is all over Wordpress.org and "still" people are having
 problems. Why can we not get this fixed.

 Personally, I think that Buddypress should become a "paid" subscription
 site! Why? Because the money will motivate some people to spend the time
 to fix the issues.

 The Business Model of volunteer staff is a great concept but time is
 money. And I can see by viewing the discussions that this topic has been
 going on for several years. At least six to seven. Who can present a
 "method" of a social site to a client and wait that long?

 Let us take a Buddypress poll?  Question one would be something like 1.Q.
 Would you be willing to pay a small subscription fee to receive better
 support. The funds would go to pay lead "experienced" developers to take
 care of core issues and improve the plugin. (many add-on charge a fee)

 Second question: 2.Q What price would you be willing to pay to have
 support and a document manual that would be updated regularly? (then have
 a tiered price range)

 Personally, my time is worth a great deal. I would be willing to throw a
 number out there. Say $100.00 recurring every year.

 Kind regards,

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