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#6841: Framework for bulk data handling after updates
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 It may be too much work for a v1, but when the migration is complete, I'm
 imagining some type of visual confirmation that can confidently say "5,836
 rows out of 5,836 were successfully migrated." I doubt that data integrity
 checks are doable, unless we take random samples or something, but it was
 a big deal with the bbPress converter to be able to say: "your old forums
 have 893,837 posts, and we successfully moved everything over; go look at
 it, it's pretty cool."

 We also might be able to do highly optimized queries that can move the
 data around without needing to loop through every single row. It just
 depends on the nature of the migration.

 Then there's the "why not use restful end-points instead" argument.
 Honestly, I'm much more comfortable handling all of this internally and as
 close to the metal as we can.

 The bbPress converter has hundreds of hours into making it stable and
 scalable, so if we can repurpose it's heart for BuddyPress, would be
 pretty cool.

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